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The first image is a graphic showing locations in Oregon City relevant to the story of the missing girls, Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis. The next three images are family trees for Ashley, Miranda and Ward Weaver III, who became a suspect in the girls’ disappearances. These images also appear in Close to Home.

The next ten images are photographs relating to the missing girls’ case in Oregon or Robert Radford’s murder and Barbara Levoy’s disappearance in California. The photos do not appear in the book due to issues with their quality, such as being downloads of video images.

The final images are two graphics showing locations in California relevant to Radford’s murder and Levoy’s disappearance and an expanded Weaver family tree.

Hover over each photograph to see its caption.

Where Ward Weaver once lived

For more images and stories about the case, please visit this gallery fromThe Oregonian.

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